Each contestant picks 4 players from each of the 6 groups to complete a "team" of 24 total players.

Standings will be kept based upon the total CDC Tour Points of each contestant's "team".

Each player on the circuit receives Tour Points based on how they perform during each circuit event (point distribution below).

An overall Tour Points list is kept by the CDC to determine eligibility into special events.

For this contest, the top 5 "teams" will be awarded prizes

Limit of ONE entry per person!  Any additional submitions will be disregarded.


Contest updates will be posted on dartoidsworld.net (tiebreak rules will also be posted)

Point Schedule

Contest Prizes!

1st - 18 pts

2nd - 12 pts

Top 4 - 8 pts

Top 8 - 6 pts

Top 16 - 4 pts

Top 32 - 2 pts

Top 64 - 1pt

1st - $500 plus your choice of a CDC star's signature set!

2nd - A Signature Set

3rd - A Signature Set

4th - A Signature Set

5th - A Signature Set

Group 1

Darin Young
Larry Butler
John Part
Gary Mawson
Dan Olson
Leonard Gates
Bob Sinnaeve
Chris White
Terry Hayhurst

Group 2

Scott Kirchner
Joe Huffman
Mark Fair
David Fatum
Gordon Dixon
Ralph McCool
D.J. Sayre
Steve Panuncialman
Tim Nicoll

Group 3

John Kuczynski
Roger Carter
Bill Davis
Nick Linberg
Chuck Pankow
Greg Von Lienen
Scott Wollaston
Bill Cross Jr
Ram Guevara

Group 4

Robin Curry
Shane Meeks
Connley Litton
Donny Joe
Jim Newman
Cali West
Dan Lauby Sr
Ryan Barnette
Eric Gregory

Group 5

Benny Amodei
Paul Burns
Ken McCowan
Pat Gallagher
Perry Prine
Danny Lauby II
Russ Lyzak
Jason Brandon
Mitch Payton

Group 6

Kevin Yasenchak
Rick Davis
Andrew van Koeverden
Jon Douglas
Corrine Stockton
Ryan Christofferson
John McCreery
George Timpone
Ryan Morey
Alex Spellman